Upgrading Your Cozy Space With 4 Types Of Bedroom Style Design

Along with the modern lifestyle, the bedroom is not simply a space to rest after a long day of studying and working, but it must also meet aesthetic criteria. From simple, modern patterns to the neoclassical or classical style, etc. Each type of bedroom is designed based on criteria. These below designs will help customers who waver between coming to another choice or staying on the first one.

Simple Design

Simplicity in bedroom design is increasingly interested and loved thanks to the sophistication, elegance but no fewer luxuries. The hustle and bustle life makes people need to rest in space that bring a sense of peace and relaxation, so these design like Japanese’s will be affordable enough. The minimalism in the interior and the type of ground bed are characteristic of Japanese style bedroom designs.

A typical feature of Japanese bedroom space is the arrangement of furniture to the minimum simplicity, limiting the use of many cumbersome fixtures. Basic furniture such as beds, wardrobes should be chosen as a simple and low geometric form, avoiding bulky and gimmicky patterns.

The only weakness of this style is that there is no decoration like wind chimes.

European Style

Decorating a bedroom in European style will not be a big problem for homeowners, because the Europeans aren’t usually too picky. Thus, the furniture is usually a compact, bar, and light to create space for the room as well as providing a more comfortable living space.

In European style, neoclassical bedrooms with items made of natural wood or industrial wood are all great choices because natural wood helps the room to be warm and comfortable. In contrast, the kinds of industrial wood are luxurious and modern.

Balcony space for getting sources of energy from nature is absolutely a figure of European technique.

A window with bonsai under the sunlight is more preferable as the magnolia. This plant has the ability to clean the air and create a feeling for a night of deep sleep. If you place a vase in the corner of a room or hang on a windowsill, your room will be much more lively.

Vintage Style

In Vintage style, the number of colors included is unlimited.

Except for the dominant colors, outstanding colors can be added to create accents and add a modern touch to space.

Orthodox vintage style often uses white as the dominant color. For a while, this color gradually transforms into neutral colors such as beige and cream. These colors occupy the majority of the room, spread throughout the walls and ceilings as a background to make the furniture stand out.

There is a note that not all old items can be used although the nostalgic furniture makes up the trait of the vintage bedroom models. It needed to be limited in quantity if homeowners don’t want to turn the room into an old warehouse. Items such as wood picture frames, wind chimes, sand-glass are good choices.

Modern Style

The most typical feature of modern style in bedroom design is the use of blocks to create interior space. There are not many details and minimize the cumbersome, distracting pattern.

For small bedrooms, modern furniture helps neat space. In other words, it plays a role in mesmerizing the real size of the room.

On the other side, furniture is indispensable for a large bedroom. Basic items such as bed, wardrobe, can be arranged together with a dressing table, desk, TV shelf or reading corner, changing area …

This design often keeps up with its room owner because it shows the personalities of them. For active boys, bed with intelligent wardrobe closet design gives them more space to play and learn while bed with dressing table can be a good option for little girls.

Whether it is simple or a sophisticated one, the interior of the bedroom is very important as it shows how clever the homeowner is. With these suggestions, I hope you will find your ideal style.