Upgrading Your Cozy Space With 4 Types Of Bedroom Style Design By Consumer Reports

Along with the modern lifestyle, the bedroom is not simply a space to rest after a long day of studying and working, but it must also meet aesthetic criteria. From simple, modern patterns to the neoclassical or classical style, etc. Each type of bedroom is designed based on criteria. These below designs will help customers who waver between coming to another choice or staying on the first one.

Simple Design

Simplicity in bedroom design is increasingly interested and loved thanks to the sophistication, elegance but no fewer luxuries. The hustle and bustle life makes people need to rest in space that bring a sense of peace and relaxation, so these design like Japanese’s will be affordable enough. The minimalism in the interior and the type of ground bed are characteristic of Japanese style bedroom designs.

A typical feature of Japanese bedroom space is the arrangement of furniture to the minimum simplicity, limiting the use of many cumbersome fixtures. Basic furniture such as beds, wardrobes should be chosen as a simple and low geometric form, avoiding bulky and gimmicky patterns.

The only weakness of this style is that there is no decoration like wind chimes.

European Style

Decorating a bedroom in European style will not be a big problem for homeowners, because the Europeans aren’t usually too picky. Thus, the furniture is usually a compact, bar, and light to create space for the room as well as providing a more comfortable living space.

In European style, neoclassical bedrooms with items made of natural wood or industrial wood are all great choices because natural wood helps the room to be warm and comfortable. In contrast, the kinds of industrial wood are luxurious and modern.

Balcony space for getting sources of energy from nature is absolutely a figure of European technique.

A window with bonsai under the sunlight is more preferable as the magnolia. This plant has the ability to clean the air and create a feeling for a night of deep sleep. If you place a vase in the corner of a room or hang on a windowsill, your room will be much more lively.

Vintage Style

In Vintage style, the number of colors included is unlimited.

Except for the dominant colors, outstanding colors can be added to create accents and add a modern touch to space.

Orthodox vintage style often uses white as the dominant color. For a while, this color gradually transforms into neutral colors such as beige and cream. These colors occupy the majority of the room, spread throughout the walls and ceilings as a background to make the furniture stand out.

There is a note that not all old items can be used although the nostalgic furniture makes up the trait of the vintage bedroom models. It needed to be limited in quantity if homeowners don’t want to turn the room into an old warehouse. Items such as wood picture frames, wind chimes, sand-glass are good choices.

Modern Style

The most typical feature of modern style in bedroom design is the use of blocks to create interior space. There are not many details and minimize the cumbersome, distracting pattern.

For small bedrooms, modern furniture helps neat space. In other words, it plays a role in mesmerizing the real size of the room.

On the other side, furniture is indispensable for a large bedroom. Basic items such as bed, wardrobe, can be arranged together with a dressing table, desk, TV shelf or reading corner, changing area …

This design often keeps up with its room owner because it shows the personalities of them. For active boys, bed with intelligent wardrobe closet design gives them more space to play and learn while bed with dressing table can be a good option for little girls.

Whether it is simple or a sophisticated one, the interior of the bedroom is very important as it shows how clever the homeowner is. With these suggestions, I hope you will find your ideal style.


Top 9 Best Sunscreen for Golfers By Consumer Reports – Reviews & Guide 2020

Golf is one sport that requires players to be out in the sun for hours. Even with protective clothing and sunglasses, the risk of skin cancer and quick aging is still very high. To avoid the negative effect of the sun on your body as a golf player, you need to use a good sunscreen in addition to wearing UV-rated clothing and sunglasses.

In particular, sunscreen will protect areas where clothing cannot cover on your body (neck, hands, legs, face). For a sunscreen to protect a golfer adequately, there are some characteristics it must have; from broad-spectrum protection to water-resistance, to be physical, and more.

Top 9 Sunscreen for Golfers

These are the factors that will make any sunscreen suitable for a golfer. We have carefully reviewed some of the best sunscreens for golfers, and they are discussed below.

EltaMD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 Sunscreen

This is one of the sunscreens that can offer the best protection from the harmful effects of the sun while you play golf. It has high SPF, and with titanium oxide and zinc oxide as the active ingredients, it promises excellent physical protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

As it has no chemical UV filter, you can use it if you have sensitive skin. There are a lot of sunscreens that leave a white cast on your body after you use them, this sunscreen, however, will offer skin protection without leaving any cast on your body.

Another interesting thing about this sunscreen is that it is suitable for female golfers who would like to apply some makeup before going out to play; due to its transparent finish and light tint, it serves as a good base for makeup.

Also, it offers about 40 minutes of water-resistance. However, the levels of titanium oxide and zinc oxide can be considered as low.

Goddess Garden Sport SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen

This is another physical sunscreen that has broad-spectrum protection. The sunscreen has zinc oxide and titanium oxide as the active ingredients.

It has a low concentration of physical active ingredients when you compare it to other sunscreens on the list, but in reality, it is one of the best natural sunscreens. It is suitable for vegans, it is biodegradable, and it is non-GMO.

Goddess Garden Sport SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen is perfect for people who have sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain harmful chemical substances. Also, it has no fragrance, and it can stay water-resistant for over an hour.

If as a golfer, you need a sunscreen that is a vegan product, then this sunscreen is one of the best you can get around. With all these interesting features, it may leave a white cast on your body when you use it.

Badger SPF 35 Sport Sunscreen

Particularly formulated for sportsmen and sportswomen, some people have described it as the best sunscreen for golf players. It is formulated using only five ingredients. Still, it is a hundred percent natural.

It has a very high concentration of zinc oxide (22.5%); this allows for adequate protection from the UV rays of the sun. Enjoy water-resistance for 80 minutes, which is more time than a round of golf takes, all you have to do is to reapply as necessary.

You have nothing to fear if your skin is sensitive as all there are no harmful chemicals added to this sunscreen. Better still, this sunscreen is biodegradable, it is non-nano, and it is environmentally friendly.

The only complaint that people have had about this product is that it forms a white cast on the body and that it is challenging to get off after use.

Thinksport Sunscreen SPF 50+

This is an excellent broad-spectrum sunscreen that is perfect for amateur and professional golfers. It has a very high SPF of 50; with this, you will be protected entirely from the harmful effect of sunlight.

Also, it has a very high non-nano zinc content (20%), and it is formulated with safe and natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any harsh substance, and it is totally free form chemical sunscreen, so if you have sensitive skin, you have nothing to worry about with this sunscreen.

It offers water-resistance that lasts up to 80 minutes, so you will stay protected even if you sweat during your golf rounds. Cranberry, raspberry, olive, jojoba, and sunflower are all mixed to perfection in this sunscreen to give you adequate protection.

This sunscreen, however, has a mild scent and it may also form a white cast on your body, other than these, it is a perfect sunscreen for golfers.

Skin Sunscreen Golf SPF 30+ Lotion

This is a physical and chemical combination, and although the zinc oxide and titanium oxide content is low, it will still protect you while you golf. It is one of the few sunscreens that is made particularly for golfers.

Skin Sunscreen Golf SPF 30+ Lotion offers water-resistance for up to 80 minutes, so as you sweat during your rounds, you stay protected, and you don’t have to worry about the sunscreen washing into your eyes.

It does contain some chemical ingredients that will some of the sunscreen to be absorbed into the skin. Still, it is recommended by dermatologists as it doesn’t contain oxybenzone and gluten.

It is non-greasy, and it doesn’t leave a white cast after use like some other sunscreens. Skin hydration is ensured, due to the aloe vera, vitamin E, and honey content.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45

This sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection from sun damage, and it is perfect for professional and amateur golfers. Being a dry touch cream, it is absorbed quickly and very light.

This formulation uses avobenzone to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also, it is waterproof, so you stay protected as you go through your rounds on the course.

It may look white when you apply it, but this is only for a short period as it will become transparent after a short while.

Unlike some of the other products in this review, the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45 does contain some chemical ingredients, and it may not be for people who have sensitive skin. All in all, it is still an excellent sunscreen for golf players.

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

Protect yourself from the damage caused by the sun as you go out on the course for your leisure and professional golfing. Designed to protect from the intense Australian sun, the Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen has a zinc oxide formula that will reflect the damaging skin rays.

It comes with an SPF 30+ rating and a very interesting container, the cover of which turns blue as when there are harmful UV rays; this will serve as a reminder for you to apply your sunscreen as you enjoy your rounds of golf.

It offers water-resistance for up to 80 minutes, which is more than any golf the duration for any golf for any golf round. Better still, this sunscreen is fortified with vitamin E, which is an essential nutrient for good skin health.

This sunscreen, however, contains some chemicals and it may not be the best if you have sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Cooldry Sport Sunscreen

Neutrogena Cooldry Sport Sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection, keeping golfers safe from skin-damaging UVA and UVB rays. As a golfer, you need to be protected from both UVA and UVB rays, and this sunscreen will do that for you.

It has a micro mesh and helioplex technology that allows sweat to pass through the sunscreen and evaporate as you play. This will make you feel cool, even as you sweat, and that sticky and heavy feeling that comes with some sunscreen is eliminated.

It has very high SPF (70), and what golfers appreciate the most about the sunscreen are its lightweight and non-greasy formula.

This unit is carefully formulated for sportswomen and sportsmen. It contains little chemical active ingredients, and it may not be the best for golfers who have sensitive skin, apart from this, it is a very good sunscreen that offers adequate protection from skin damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Zealios Sun Barrier Sunscreen

This sunscreen is paraben free and oil free, its zinc oxide protection is dependable, and it is suitable for golf and a wide range of outdoor sports. It is formulated especially for sportsmen and sportswomen who specialize in outdoor sports.

With water-resistance that lasts up to 80 minutes, you are adequately protected as you go through your golf rounds, and you don’t have to worry about the sunscreen washing into your eyes or mouth.

It is imperative that a golfer is protected from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, Zealios Sun Barrier Sunscreen will do just that for you. It has a fast-drying formula, and it is very smooth on the skin. It is also one of the sunscreens in this review that is suitable for people who have sensitive skin.


C2UExpo and Sustainability

We are proud to be the first event to be certified for Sustainability through the SFU Sustainability Office. SFU is dedicated to its strategic vision of being an engaged university, and part of that means that every member of SFU whether student or staff has the opportunity engage in sustainable practices.  
For the conference, we have practiced social sustainability as well by conducting our ambassador’s program. The Community Ambassador Program is intended to provide opportunities for capacity building and participation among individuals and communities facing barriers to employment.

We encourage you to follow these sustainable practices during the conference to help us maintain our environment:

  • Use the 4-stream Zero Waste Stations to minimize landfill waste.
  • Walk or transit to the conference locations. If you are local, consider walking, transiting, biking, or carpooling.
  • Use the hot/cold beverage bottles and water refill stations.
  • Check out our exhibitors and vendors at Community Square on May 3rd and 4th. Vendors and Exhibitors have been carefully selected practice social sustainability.

C2Uexpo 2017

For the common good.

C2UExpo 2017 is committed to providing space to discuss, analyze and synthesize partnerships that address real social and environmental challenges faced by Canada, as we celebrate our 150th birthday.
We must also address the challenges. Do these efforts lead to the betterment of the common good? How do we know when it is so? What strategies work well? When do partnerships stall?
Community-campus partnerships come about and are sustained in a variety of ways; the work encompasses a great range of participants, topics, and interests. Communities and campuses are engaged in everything from ensuring safe delivery of newborns to providing end of life care, and everything in between. And while engaging in community-campus partnerships is important from a process perspective, it is also important that they have an impact on solving and helping us to critically think about the problems that we all face today and in the future.

Why attend?

C2UExpo is an immersive, dialogue-centric conference experience. We learn more when engaging in interactive dialogue and welcome many different perspectives. C2UExpo will introduce you to members of the community, academia, government and industry. Together, we will explore the role of community-campus partnerships in addressing social, health, environmental and community issues.

Who should attend?

C2UExpo 2017 is for anyone interested in learning about the potential, the promise and the impact of campus and community partnerships. Have you been working in the trenches for many years? Please join us. Have you just started thinking about a project or a partnership? Please come along. Are you a skeptic and want to share your point of view? There is room.
The conference goal is for half of attendees to represent universities, colleges and polytechnics, and the other half, a broadly defined notion of community – government, non-profit/NGOs, businesses and citizens with no particular affiliation other than a keen interest and passion for empowering social change. We hope to learn from projects, whether they are in the early stages or complete, that bring together the academic and community to share a common story. It is also our intent to stretch what constitutes engagement at the project level. As with earlier Expos, there will be a focus on community based research, service learning and other forms of experiential learning and social innovation projects.
A bursary program has been established to help fund registrants challenged by cost. Please see our Bursary page.