Community Jam (pre-conference)

Smart and caring communities start with YOUR partnerships

What does it mean to be a smart and caring community? How can collaborations among community foundations, post-secondary institutions, community organizations, municipalities and philanthropic institutions make a positive contribution to our communities’ well-being now and generations into the future? In May, delegations from across Canada and around the world will be coming to Surrey, British Columbia to participate and explore these questions in an innovative gathering that is part of C2UExpo 2017. 

The C2UExpo conference is hosted every two years and is designed to showcase and celebrate the growth and range of community-campus partnerships in addressing social, health, environmental and community issues. In 2017, the 150th anniversary of Confederation, C2UExpo will be hosted by Simon Fraser University (SFU), which has campuses in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver. 

The conference will be held the week of May 1-5, with the first two days dedicated to the C2UExpo Community Jam. On May 1 to 2, Simon Fraser University will host two days of interactive programming drawing on ten thousand years of traditions from Canada’s Indigenous population. Unlike traditional conferences, the C2UExpo Community Jam was co- created by over twenty design thinkers, higher education leaders, community organizations and Surrey city staff who have set the table for a transformative experience that bridges learning, doing and socializing with the aim of building long-term positive change.

Smart and Caring Communities
Smart & caring communities is the underlying goal for community-campus partnerships. Delegations will be asked to explore what smart and caring communities mean to them and how they can work together to build them.

10,000 Years of Tradition 
In order to build smart and caring communities, it is important to recognize Canada’s past and present relationship with Indigenous communities. The Community Jam will explore what it means to work from 10,000 years of traditions and will engage Aboriginal peoples in the program design and delivery, the delegations, and the Community Journey.

Join the Jam

Register as a Delegation!

Preparations for the Community Jam start now with groups across the country forming delegations with local campuses, community foundations, civil society organizations, and Aboriginal communities. These groups may be existing partnerships or they may be a new collaboration formed to attend the C2UExpo 2017. Delegations consist of a community, campus, and philanthropic partnership that take an innovative approaching for social good. 

By participating, you will be helping to lay the groundwork for building smart and caring communities through forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones. You will spark new ideas for activities in your community, while learning about the innovative practices in communities next door, and around the world. 

Click HERE for more information in English, or click HERE for more information in French.

If you are interested in registering for the Community Jam as a delegation, contact Grace Lee at

Register as an Individual!

The Community Jam is also open to 100 “free radicals"– enablers who help to create the conditions that allow smart and caring communities to thrive. You could be a philanthropist, a private sector leader, a community organizer, a municipal official, an Aboriginal leader, or a community-engaged academic who is actively involved in creating a strong community. If you want to help create a lasting legacy with others like yourself at an interactive and inspiring learning exchange, join the Community Jam by registering HERE.

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