Community Academic Reciprocal Engagement (CARE)

  • By Team #C2UExpo
  • 25 Apr, 2017

Written by Sierra Lindsay (University of Victoria). Sierra is part of the Community Jam Students Program.

The CARE (Community Academic Reciprocal Engagement) program is an after-school program that engages social work graduate students with Black girls in grades 6-8. The program is part of the larger program of the African Canadian Association (ACAWRA) and also is affiliated with the Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU).

CARE aims to integrate social justice and academic success by employing a community-based participatory model to explore gender, race, and identify issues to generate awareness and honour Black youth realities. Black youth girls work with social work graduate students to bridge the gap between what is perceived and what is experienced by Black youth. They also work alongside African elders who explore African epistemology, history, and host cultural training sessions on colonialism. The community partnerships of the girls, graduate students, and the elders create a space where they can demystify Blackness for social work graduate students and enhance post-secondary education access among Black youth.

The girls who participate in the program have a chance to tell their stories and have them represented through art forms that can create social action. By letting the youth understand their past and explore their future, there is an opportunity for them to enhance their agency regarding finding solutions for self-identity issues. Also, it empowers and promotes a healthy self-identity which contributes to immediate and long-term health and well-being. The social work graduate students also get the first-hand experience of what it means to be a Black youth which can lead to more permeable boundaries between the academic realm and reality. CARE is an amazing program for many Black youth girls who are leading the community in cultural understanding and in broadening their educational horizons.

By Team #C2UExpo 05 May, 2017
There was a lot of excitement and great discussion on the final day from attendees! See what they discussed below.
By Team #C2UExpo 05 May, 2017
From inspiring panel discussions to open talks at Failure Waks - see what happened on day 2.
By Team #C2UExpo 04 May, 2017
By Team #C2UExpo 03 May, 2017
Day 2 of #SurreyJam took place yesterday and attendees had lots to say! Check out the Storify summary below for the highlights.
By Team #C2UExpo 02 May, 2017
Check out the Storify summary to see what great conversations and discussions happened at day 1.
By Alysha Karimi 30 Apr, 2017

In many instances, campuses and communities can often be thought of as separate clusters. C2UExpo 2017 has founded the Ambassador Program to bridge this gap by allowing communities participate and build employable skills in a reputable campus setting which the conference takes place at. Obtaining rigorous training, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to build capacity, and create an impactful difference both at, and outside the C2UExpo 2017 conference.

By Alysha Karimi 29 Apr, 2017
Community-campus partnerships require a great deal of collaboration and bi-directionality.
Let's see what Trail Blazer –   Annalee Yassi , Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, Global Health and Capacity Building
Specialist had to say about this.
By Alysha Karimi 29 Apr, 2017

With C2UExpo 2017 beginning in a couple short days, we can’t wait to delve right into some of the themes each of our Gatherings will be addressing.

Let’s see what Trail Blazer David J. Phipps , Executive Director, Research & Innovation Services at York University had to say about the following questions!

By Mona Liu 28 Apr, 2017
We have an exciting array of exhibits for you to check out at the Community Square, the hub of the conference, open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on May 3rd and the 4th. 

Particularly, I want to mention a few fascinating feature displays:
By Mona Liu 26 Apr, 2017

Because we had such a great turn out of presentation proposals for the #C2UExpo 2017 , I’m happy to say there are a lot of concurrent sessions you can choose from this year! Here are a few sessions that have been the most popular so far, so you definitely don’t want to miss out signing up for them.

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