Conference program - c2uexpo

For the common good.

C2UExpo2017 is committed to providing space to discuss, analyze and synthesize partnerships that address real social and environmental challenges faced by Canada as we celebrate our 150th birthday.

We must also address the challenges. Do these efforts lead to the betterment of the common good? How do we know when it is so? What strategies work well? When do partnerships stall?
Community JAM (pre-conference)
SFU's Surrey campus May 1–2
This will be an open, interactive space for community organizers, educators, philanthropists and students to come together and explore how we can work together to build smarter and more caring communities from coast to coast to coast.

Walk the Talk (main conference)
SFU's Vancouver campus May 3–5
In May 2017, delegates from across Canada and around the world will come to British Columbia to learn about local, national and international innovative models of community-campus programs, partnership and research initiatives, and to critically examine how these contribute to, challenge and create capacity for advancing the common good.
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